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How To Ensure Your Pets Have A Stress-Free Move

If you have ever moved home before you’ll know that the whole experience can send you through a spiral of emotions. As much as you and your family know what is about to happen, there are some members of your family that are completely in the dark. One thing is certain, your pets can become very anxious and their behaviour can change when placed in stressful environments. This is why at Harding Green, we want to ensure that every member of your family has a stress-free move.

Calm Amidst The Chaos

Your home is filled with mountains of boxes, removal men coming and going, and tempers often on a short leash – it’s safe to say that moving day can be very chaotic. Not only that, you want your animals to be safe, and it can be easy for them to get into situations that could cause them an injury – which we know is the last thing you want.

We would always advise that you let your pet have a mini break whilst you’re in the middle of moving home. Whether they go for a pamper, a friend’s house, or even to a boarding home they are familiar with, you can be safe in the knowledge that whilst your home is one crazy place, your pets will be calm, safe and ready to explore their new home when it’s ready for them.

Smelly Is Best

It can be natural to want to wash and clean things before you pack them away, ready to find their new home when you arrive. But when it comes to your pets’ belongings, it’s best to leave them as they are. As you may know, one way to ease your beloved animal’s anxiety is for them to be around familiar smells. Your new home will be filled with unknown scents, and that as well as a strange layout may make them nervous.

When they arrive at their new home there will be nothing more reassuring than being able to smell and see their things. From their bed to their toys, each item will help them to adjust to what must be an extremely confusing situation.

Give Them Time

It can take time for your pets to get used to their new home and environment and it’s always good to keep an eye on what they’re doing. Your garden may have a fence, but if there’s an escape route you can guarantee that your pet will find it before you do. We would also recommend introducing yourself and your pet to your neighbours, not only will this help you settle into the community, but it will also help should your pets get out as you’re all trying adjust.

With dogs, it can take some longer than others to get used to a new neighbourhood, so take each walk one step at a time and keep your eye on them in case they need a little reassurance. Remember, moving home is just as big a deal for them as it is for you!

Keep The Familiar

For cats, territory is everything and they feel most at ease when they are in familiar spaces, which is why moving home can cause them to act out of character, such as being more focal and even hiding. Although this is a new home, try and set up their belongings as close as you can to how you have always done, to make things seem as normal as possible for them.

It’s not just their things that can help your pets’ readjustment, but also trying to stick to their old routine. Routines are extremely important for pets, if you’ve always walked your dog at 7am, continue to do so. Feeding times should also be kept the same, if possible. The more you keep familiar for the furry members of your family, the easier it will be for them to get used to their new home.

Be Prepared

Every member of your family will settle into their new home at a different pace and you need to be prepared that your pets may show signs of anxiety and stress for several days.   It’s worth keeping their medical records to hand, including their microchip number in case they get lost. Should your pet stop eating, it’s worth consulting with your vet.

We want to ensure that you all move as safely and as enjoyably as possible. If you would like advice on finding the ideal home for the whole of your family, contact our sales team today on 0203 375 1970.