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Sai Shanmugam

Consultant E: T: 0203 929 9311 M: 07947 716 300
Sai has fast tracked his career in prime central London over the last 6 years. Starting his career in lettings he quickly moved to sales and since then has become one of the top negotiators in central London. Sai truly believes that successful business is derived from building trust and offering impeccable service.

Sai is one of a kind when it comes to solving problems that arise when closing a deal. His strong personality and instant sense of judgement makes buying properties easier, smooth and a satisfying experience. He is also well prepared, and ready to answer any question, even if a question was asked at midnight he’s there to answer it.. As a buyer, I always felt in safe hands, and I knew from the beginning that he is professional and different than any other agent I met before. I would never hesitate to recommend him to my relatives and friends.


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