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Enis Erhan

Associate E: T: 0203 375 1971 M: 07480 141 484
Enis has worked with a US based Estate Agency in Prime Central London focusing on residential lettings and sales, dealing with mostly international transactions. Having lived in Istanbul, Milan and New York with his professional acumen and tireless hard work have enabled him to expertly navigate his clients search for that perfect property to suit their needs.

Enis provides an impeccable full service to clients in such diligence and care that gives you comfort. He thinks every little aspect of the deal as if he were the client, leaves no stones unturned and ensures a smooth negotiation amongst the parties. He is not only a perfectionist, but also a very good observer, who understands your needs and acts on them. He is highly dedicated and has excellent human relations skills. Last but not least, he has an unparalleled taste in life and he treasures quality, which I believe is of great importance in what he does. I love my life in London thanks to his hard work and dedication.