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Etiquette you should follow when selling your home in Kensington

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Published: 17/02/2020   Last Updated: 19/02/2020  

There are a whole wealth of emotions wrapped up into selling your home; you have to part ways with a property you once loved, whilst you start your quest for the next one that will steal your heart.  The ups and downs of the process can sometimes cloud your judgement and, as this is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make, it’s important to keep a clear head.  You don’t buy or sell a house every day, so it’s only natural if you’re not up to speed with the etiquette you should follow when selling your home in Kensington.   At Harding Green we know that this advice will set you up for a wonderful house-selling experience.

Is your house ready for viewings?

Although most of us know to ensure our home is looking beautiful, after years of property programmes telling us to do so, still many people rush things when getting their home on the market.  Your home should be the best version of itself before you invite an estate agent around to view and take photographs. Getting your home presented for sale takes time and work, and if you jump past this stage of the process you’ll miss out on some important benefits.

What are the benefits?

Having a home which has been staged can add value and appeal to your property.  We can negotiate a premium price due to your home’s condition, as it will attract more potential buyers.  Many buyers in Kensington are looking for a property they can just walk into, one that they can put their stamp on and turn into the home they have imagined.  As buyers flick through the wealth of properties available, some homes will stand out above the rest; those that have ensured their house is ready for viewings are always the first to be contacted.

Do you want to sell your home?

Your house is on the market and you’re waiting excitedly for viewings to start, but after the initial shine has worn off we can completely understand that accommodating viewings can become a bit of a hassle.  Our lives are busy, and sometimes you may be given little notice, which only adds to the pressure you may be feeling, especially as you do a quick once over so your home is looking per

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At Harding Green we undertake every viewing on your behalf; this eases the pressure on you, as we can accept viewings whilst you’re at work or away.  It’s important to be flexible and find a way to accommodate every request, the more potential buyers we can get around your home, the greater the chances are of you getting an offer.

Make sure you respond quickly

You would be naive to think that your home is the only one that any potential buyer has viewed; even after they’ve made an offer, some buyers continue their search in case it’s rejected.  Therefore, when you have received an offer on your home you need to respond as quickly as possible, as leaving your buyers waiting could result in them deciding to move elsewhere.

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Although you should respond quickly, it’s essential that you take everything into consideration. What is the situation of the buyers? If you are wanting to move quickly, having buyers that are chain-free would be the perfect solution for you.  Do your buyers have their finances in place?  Knowing they are prepared confirms they are serious about taking the next step.  Remember, an offer is only a starting point, so rather than an outright rejection, keep the lines of communication open and let us negotiate them up to an offer you cannot resist.

Keep talking

Once an offer is accepted you move into the sales process phase, within which many people are involved.  During this stage it’s essential that you keep talking, that communication flows freely between you, your estate agent, your solicitor and your lender or broker.  Keeping everyone informed can ensure that your home-selling experience goes smoother and quicker.  Remember to always return calls, get documentation to where it needs to be quickly, and keep abreast of what’s happening so you can pre-empt any requests.  We always find the best sales in Kensington happen when people keep talking.

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Let’s make it happen

If you’re thinking of selling your home in Kensington this spring, come and chat to a member of our team. We’d love to help you maximise the sale of your property to make your move one that you’ll always remember. Call our team today on 0203 957 4137.